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Espresso coffee as a candidate for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Coffee is much more than a drink; for Italian people, coffee represents a ritual, a real tradition, a part of the national culture that has contributed to make Italy famous all over the world.

The three words ‘espresso’, ‘Italian’ and ‘traditional’ have been used to apply for the recognition of our coffee as a Unesco Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The nomination, approved by a unanimous vote, made by the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Forest Policies confirmed the role that coffee plays in the national culture and economy.

Coffee is a beverage with many traditions: the good morning at home before starting the day’s work or study, the break at the bar with some friends or co-workers, the welcoming of a guest up to the solidarity given by the hanging coffee; a tradition that was born in Naples, but quickly spread around the world.

This is a good news for the whole production chain and the espresso industry in Italy and in terms of images is good for the rest of the world.

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