Buon Mattino Coffe beans 1000 g


Buon Mattino Coffee is stored in a easy-to-use 1 kg/35.27 oz packages, so as to guarantee an excellent level of preservation and to keep the taste and aroma blend intact.

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Buon Mattino Coffee Beans blend stands out for its sharp and rich taste and it is perfect for those who are searching for a daily boost in their coffee.

It is full-bodied and chocolatey, balanced by the natural bitter sensation typical of the best selections of Central African and Indian Robusta.

The aromatic component is enveloping with bark and dark chocolate hints. This is a strong coffee with high caffeine content, recommended for a great wake-up.

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Typology: Blend beans
Unit weight: 1 Kg / 35.27 oz

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Weight 1,8 kg


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