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Caffè Tre Ceri provides cafés and coffee shops with a wide selection of coffee blends.

Each blend is produced with artisan care and, for this reason, is highly appreciated by everyone, even by the most demanding customers.

An exclusive range of superior quality blends, composed of the best origins of coffee beans or portioned coffee with great taste and character. We have designed our Cafés line for those who wish to always offer their customers the best.

Our sales consultant is your point of reference. Drawing on his experience, he guides and advises you in choosing the best products for you. His regular visit is not only an opportunity to place an order, it is also the right opportunity to make improvements.

In addition, we provide a range of support services and a merchandising line that helps enhance the pleasantness and taste of our blends.

The equipment given on loan for free use is all certified “Espresso Italiano”, a brand that, since 1998, has been synonymous with the excellence of the product served.

Whoever relies on our artisanal roasting company for their bar, chooses the solid experience of someone who has been dedicated to the world of coffee for over 40 years.