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Cofficina by Caffè Tre Ceri is a landmark for Experts in the field and all Coffee Lovers.

Who wish to enter this fascinating world to broaden their professional skills or indulge a passion should follow our coffee classes.

An elegant area located on the first floor of the Company where to attend training courses, updating classes or single theoretical and practical lessons.

Cofficina coffee classes

If you are a Barista or a Restaurant Manager, we put at your disposal a team of experts.

They will guide you, with skill and experience, through a training course focused on taste education and the techniques required to brew a professional coffe.

Furthermore you will learn how to use the tools in the correct way, and to prepare a perfect milk cream that will amaze your customers.

And if you are a true coffee lover, at the Cofficina firstly you will learn about the different coffee species, the harvesting and preservation methods, secondly the types of extraction, and, through a professional tasting session, how to distinguish quality coffee.

The guided tour

During the coffee classes at Cofficina, Caffè Tre Ceri opens its laboratory doors for an engaging itinerary that lets you experience first-hand all the preparation steps of our coffee.

In conclusion, you will discover that the love story between a coffee bean and a cup is an exciting and tasteful journey.

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