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Caffè Tre Ceri philosophy is based on two main pillars: sustainability and respect. For our Customers, our Collaborators, the geographical reality in which we make business, and the natural environment.

Our journey towards a sustainable development begins with the choice of the raw material.

We supplyn them mainly from certified production chains that guarantee respect for the workers involved in harvesting and for bio-diversity.

In our establishment we promote an harmonious and respectful workplace for our employees by keeping safety standards updated. We also engage every member of staff in the company’s growth and business expansion.

Anticipating the necessity of leaving a positive impact on the environment, we have always produced pods with a compostable filter. This allows you to directly dispose them of in organic waste. Moreover, all coffee processing is assisted by a solar energy system placed in the factory.

The relationship of trust and esteem with our Customers is the result of this modus operandi, which has been able to renew itself over the years to answer to the signs of changing times.

Our personal belief of sustainability is that only through a fair and correct approach to all the processing and distribution phases it is possible to deliver a final product that leaves a smile on the lips of those who taste it.