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Caffè Tre Ceri was born from a dream: to bring to the table a blend of coffee that would stand out for its fragrance and taste.

About us

In 1979 we started in a small laboratory in Gubbio, where we tested the different coffee beans and chose the best ones.

The coffee was roasted exclusively with beech and ash wood to give each bean a unique flavour and aroma.

During the years, the roasting methods have changed to read and answer to the evolution in habits and taste. The artisan philosophy of sourcing, sampling and processing the product remains a focal point of our work still today.

Our mission

Today our aim is to bring the excellent quality of Caffè Tre Ceri to the whole Italian market, becoming more and more a landmark for coffee experts and enthusiasts. Our mission is also to let our blends specific features to be recognised around the world. The experience and constant care we put in crafting our coffees allowed us to offer a high quality product.

This attention begins at the purchase of the beans from the best importers and at their storage in the raw deposit.

Roasting takes place after a ripening period from 6 to 12 months in a suitable room whose temperature is constantly around 20° and the humidity around 60%. This allows the grain to lose the herbaceous notes linked to the freshness of the harvest, and to enable it to acquire roundness and sweetness.

This process is carried out over a low heat and is customized according to the type of coffee we are processing to allow more than 850 aromatic scents present in each variety to emerge.

The coffee produced, is subjected  to several controls, to search the quality perfection.  In thos way all its nuances and flavour are released at every taste.

By operating this way, the final consumer always receives a fresh product.

At Caffè Tre Ceri we believe that ours is much more than a profession. It is a genuine and authentic passion that we share with all coffee lovers!


The power of any company lies in its people

Chi siamo - Fiore Santucci fondatore

Fiore Santucci

Caffè Tre Ceri Founder

Roberta Tinti

Product Manager

Roberta Caspani

Head of Communication

Omar Santucci

Roaster Master and Caffè tre Ceri Owner

Matteo Borio

Specialized Technician

Marco Pascolini

Sales Representative