Our pods are perfect for those who wish to brew an espresso easily and without mistakes.

Each pack contains 7 grams of coffee that has been roasted, grounded and pressed correctly. This allows all the scents that define the genuine and unique taste of Caffè Tre Ceri to stand out in the cup. The hermetic closing ensures that the freshness and goodness of freshly roasted coffee is preserved and guaranteed over time.

Caffè Tre Ceri pods are available in different blends with a unique aroma, to meet and satisfy all preferences. From the 100% Arabica, made up of the best Arabica selections, to the Il BuonEspresso blend, with its full-bodied flavour. The Decaffeinated, with its mild taste is suitable for those who don’t want to give up their coffee even in the evening.

Caffè Tre Ceri pods are compatible with all ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pod system machines, 44 mm in size, made with compostable food-grade filter paper of English origin that allows the coffee to pass through in a natural way and therefore enhances its properties.

What makes our pods so special is our blends, born from coffee beans of excellent quality and roasted with knowledge and love in our roasting plant.

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