If you are a Professionist of the HORECA channel, rely on the excellence of Caffè Tre Ceri for your Café, Hotel or Restaurant.

In over 40 years of experience and research, we have developed blends with a distinctive and fine style. Thanks to the continuous development of research and knowledge, the quality level of our coffees are distinguished by their superior quality.

The continuous listening and dialogue with our Customers, allowed us to grow up and develop our business to respond to the changing demands over the time.

The acquired kow-how let us  become a reference point in the coffee market and to be a trustworthy and careful partner.

To provide a perfect espresso and to welcome your customers with special care, we offer training courses for experts at our Cofficina.

We also provide an elegant line of porcelain accessories. They enrich your location together with professional coffee machines and grinders certified Espresso Italiano, which we give on loan for use.

Furthermore, you can benefit from a 7 days a week assistance from Caffè Tre Ceri technicians who will help you to solve any problem relating to coffe.

Choose Caffè Tre Ceri and decide to offer a coffee experience that has no compares.

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