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Caffè Tre Ceri helps you to offer your Hotel Guests an excellent coffee and service to give them a good morning or a pleasant moment during the day.

Choosing the right coffee supplier for your Hotel is really essential. So, as well as relying on a brand with many years of experience, you also need to make sure that it is a partner who can offer a range of services in addition to the undoubted quality of its blends.

At Caffè Tre Ceri, besides our best blends, we also provide your hotel with professional coffee machines and coffee grinders on loan for use. Moreover, a service directly managed by specialised Caffè Tre Ceri staff, and an elegant line of fittings.

Please, feel free to contact us for an expert guide. We will be delighted to suggest the best solution to meet your hotel guests’ needs.

In conclusion. we believe that it is only by listening to our Customers’ ideas that we can understand the quantity of coffee served. Choose the type of machine required, automatic or semi-automatic, and what type of coffee you need: portioned rather than beans.

With Caffè Tre Ceri you choose to offer your Hotel guests the best coffee experience ever.