Deccafeinated Coffee Pod for Professional Use

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Enjoy decaffeinated coffee pods from Caffè Tre Ceri. These pods are dedicated to those who want a coffee with a low caffeine content without renouncing the inimitable aroma of our blends.

In fact, the decaffeination process, through which the caffeine is eliminated from the coffee beans, takes place in a completely natural way. This ensures that the taste and aroma of the coffee remains completely unaltered.

Decaffeinated coffee pods are certainly one of the most popular beverages for coffee lovers who do not want to suffer the negative effects of caffeine.

Offer your customers the quality of our decaffeinated blends, in the format that suits you best. Contact us for more information.



Il BuonEspresso decaffeinated

The taste and aroma of BuonEspresso decaffeinated by Caffè Tre Ceri are not modified with the decaffeination process. The enveloping fragrance, the syrupy texture and the taste, which is complete and smooth, are combined with the typical mildness of a good quality decaffeinated coffee.

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