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Caffè Tre Ceri Silver blend for moka is stored in practical vacuum 250 g /8.82 oz packs, in order to keep the taste and the blend aroma well preserved.

If you buy 5 packs, you’ll get 6 (one is for free!!)

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Moka Argento ground coffee blend stands out for its strong and intense taste: special for those who look for the right charge in coffee to get off to a great start and keep energy levels high throughout the day!

Its taste is pleasantly full-bodied. The level of sweetness is balanced by the natural bitterness of the best Robusta selections from Central Africa and India.

From the aroma point of view, one appreciates the mouth-watering notes of dark chocolate and the fine fragrance of toasted bread. The result in the cup is a strong, decisive coffee with a high concentration of caffeine, excellent for breakfast.

The ground Moka Argento ground coffee blend is packaged in the classic 250 g /8.82 oz package, an ideal format for family consumption. Vacuum-packed storage allows us to bring you a fresh product that optimally retains its colour, aroma and taste.

If you love making your own coffee with the traditional moka pot, try the goodness of the Moka Oro blend, also in the 250g / 8.82 oz format, in single packs or by taking advantage of our 5+1 offer.


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Ground coffee for Moka

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250 g / 8.82 oz


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Weight 4,5 kg


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