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Dec, 2022

Which Coffee Lover are you?

A quality coffee is said to be a real cure for worries and negative thoughts, and to make every break special. According to the most recent surveys, around 64% of Italians identify coffee moments as an essential daily ritual. For...

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Nov, 2022

Pods and capsules: what differences?

If you are an espresso coffee lover and want to enjoy it at home, you are certainly thinking of buying a coffee machine. At this point, the question that arises is whether it is better to buy a pod machine...

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Nov, 2022

Filter coffee what is it and how to brew it correctly

Today we learn more about filter coffee, what is it, how to brew it correctly and what the differences are with our Italian espresso. Filter coffee, also known as American-style coffee or long coffee, is carving out an increasingly important...

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Sep, 2022

How to brew a perfect espresso coffee

Nomen omen, destiny into a name, and espresso coffee is so called because, properly, it is to be freshly brewed and enjoyed in the special porcelain cup. Espresso coffee is a special alchemy, the perfect marriage between art and science....

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Sep, 2022

Glimpse the new coffee trends

Coffee has evolved from a simple morning boost into a drink to be enjoyed throughout the day and coffee consumers are turning into connoisseurs. In this paragraph, we’re going to discuss how habits have changed and what will be the...

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Aug, 2022

How many ways can you order a coffee?

Have you ever thought how many ways you can order coffee at the café? It is easy to say: ‘one coffee’, less easy is to understand how many variations you can ask for it at the café. There really are...

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