Moka Argento 250 g


Caffè Tre Ceri Silver  for moka is stored in practical vacuum 250 g /8.82 oz packs, in order to keep the taste and the blend aroma well preserved.


Moka Argento 250 g by Caffè Tre Ceri is the coffee blend conceived for those in search of a strong taste, capable of giving a wake-up call with the right charge or a regenerating and revitalising break.

The artisanal roasting has allowed this blend to balance the natural bitterness typical of the Robusta variety with a pleasant sweet sensation.

Robusta coffee qualities used in the Moka Argento blend by Caffè Tre Ceri come mainly from Central Africa and India.

At the palate recalls delicious notes of dark chocolate accompanied by slight hints of bark that bring out the full personality and robust character of the blend.

This blend is available in 250 g format. Thanks to the vacuum packaging, you can enjoy it with the inviting fragrance of freshly ground coffee.

In this same section you can also find the Moka Oro blend, if you want a coffee with a smooth taste, and the Decaffeinato blend, if even in the evening you don’t want to miss out on a good coffee. Both are available in the 250 g size or the Espresso Bar blend in the 500 g size.


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Ground for Moka Argento 250 g

Unit weight:

250 g / 8.82 oz


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