Caffè Tre Ceri Gold Moka 250 g


Caffè Tre Ceri Gold Moka blend is stored in practical vacuum 250 g /8.82 oz packs, in order to keep the taste and the blend aroma well preserved.

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Moka Oro ground coffee blend is the perfect coffee for those who prefer to prepare an espresso at home ‘the way it used to be’. Coffee brewed with the coffee pot, allows you to anticipate all the rituality and conviviality enclosed within a cup.

Its great, round taste expression is given by the union of the finest Arabian coffees from Brazil and Colombia. Consistency is given by the best selections of the Robusta variety from India and Africa.

The intense aroma of this highly prized blend blends with the scents of toasted bread and mouth-watering hints of hazelnuts and cocoa for a sweet coffee with a medium caffeine content.
The in-cup result is that of a coffee with a great aroma and elegant structure, striking an excellent balance between acidity and bitterness.
Caffè Tre Ceri’s Moka Oro coffee blend is packaged in 250 g /8.82 oz vacuum packs, which are perfectly suited to guarantee ideal storage and thus keep the taste and aroma unaltered.
In addition to the Moka Oro pack, you can also enjoy ground coffee for the coffee maker in the Moka Argento quality, with a higher concentration of Robusta coffee or the Decaffeinato, to enjoy your coffee even in the evening hours.


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Ground coffee for Moka

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250 g / 8.82 oz

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