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Moka Oro blend for moka is perfect for you who love the ritual enclosed into a cup of coffee, especially early in the morning, when waiting for the bubbling evokes a sense of calm and well-being.

The Moka Oro blend for moka by Caffè Tre Ceri is appreciated a lot for its smooth and round taste, made possible thanks to the presence of excellent single origin Arabica coffees from Central America and the best Robusta coffees from Africa and India.

The intense and long.-lasting aroma melts with toasted bread scents and the greedy notes   give you a smooth coffee with a medium caffeine content and therefore suitable at any time of day.

In the cup the result  is a very aromatic and perfectly balanced coffee.

The ground Gold blend for mocha can be found in convenient 250 g /8.82 oz packets, ideal for family use. Thanks to the vacuum packaging, all the properties of our blends are preserved.

To enjoy our ground Moka Oro blend at its best, buy also our cups with saucers. You will find them in porcelain or glass, normal or in the decaffeinated version.


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Ground Coffee for Moka

Unit weight:

250 g / 8.82 oz

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Weight 4,5 kg


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