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Filter coffee what is it and how to brew it correctly

Today we learn more about filter coffee, what is it, how to brew it correctly and what the differences are with our Italian espresso.

Filter coffee, also known as American-style coffee or long coffee, is carving out an increasingly important place for itself among enthusiasts and those in search of an unhurried coffee tasting experience.

American coffee or American-style coffee?

In Italy the two terms are used as synonyms, but actually we are talking about two very different beverages. American coffee is what is usually drunk in bars and consists of an espresso diluted with boiling water. In the United States and the rest of the world, we actually drink American-style coffee, also called filter coffee, and it is prepared using a specific technique.

Filter coffee: what it is and how to brew it correctly

Filter coffee is an alternative method of coffee extraction obtained by infusion or percolation.

To prepare this type of extraction, one starts with a particular coffee, which is roasted light compared to the medium roast used for espresso coffee.

To obtain filter coffee, therefore, you need the appropriate extractor, which consists of a jug for collecting water and a cone inside of which is a filter, which can be made of paper.  You slightly wet the filter, add the mixture (30 g per 60 ml of water) and some hot water. The ideal temperature is 90ºC. After about 30 seconds, top up with the remaining water, which drains into the container in about two minutes. Once all the water is in the jug below the filter, the filter coffee, or American style, is ready.

The resulting drink is not comparable to other extraction methods because it is very liquid but extremely full of aromatic notes. Filter coffee is a drink that accompanies you on autumn or winter afternoons, it is perfect to sip calmly, in front of a good book or in moments of relaxation.

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