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Water: before or after coffee?

Should water be drunk before or after coffee? Here comes the answer from science to clarify and dispel the doubts that each of us has.

Research published by the University of Trieste has revealed that, although it is very correct to drink it before enjoying coffee, in some cases it is also a correct practice to drink it after coffee, also explaining the reasons why it is appropriate to do so.

Let us see in detail.

Water before coffee

Why is it right to drink water before coffee? According to experts, drinking water before coffee is very important because it cleanses the palate and better prepares the taste buds.

In fact, these need to be free of anything that could obstruct them to better enjoy the taste of coffee.

There is no need to drink a lot of it. A sip is enough and then you can enjoy the beverage, possibly without adding sugar.

After coffee

A study conduced by the University of Trieste has clarified why drinking water after coffee is not a bad habit.

If, we intend to consume something else after sipping our coffee, drinking a nice glass of water comes to our aid.

Sweet and salty tastes are often different after consuming certain beverages, eg. coffee, whose intense and pronounced flavour lingers pleasantly on the palate for long.

After drinking water, the good taste of coffee will only be lightened and our taste buds will be ready to indulge in something else.

But, there is more.

Drinking a sip of water after enjoying your coffee also serves to correct any defects in the blend, for example if it has technical roasting or extraction errors and gives off a burnt smell.

This is why it is always essential to choose quality coffee.

Another question that arises is whether it is better to opt for still or sparkling water.

Although there are those who argue that it is more correct to drink sparkling water before coffee, in reality, the carbon dioxide contained in it risks anaesthetising the taste buds and not allowing us to perceive all the nuances of the coffee we are going to taste and accentuating the sensation of bitterness in the coffee.

In conclusion, the experts’ answer  as to whether is better to have water before or after coffee is therefore to drink natural water preferably at room temperature.