100% Arabic Pod 100 pcs


Enjoy the unique taste of 100% Arabica coffee pods by Caffè Tre Ceri. A carefully crafted blend dedicated to the most refined coffee lovers.

The 100% Arabica blend is distinguished by its smooth and delicate taste and its intense aromatic sensations.

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The blend contained in the 100% Arabica Coffee Pods is the result of continuous research to bring the highest quality coffee to your table.

The aromatic profile is rich in the bloomy and fruity nuances typical of Arabica coffees from Central America that are combined with the hints of honey typical of the best Brazilian coffees and the scents of oranges and chocolate more common to Colombian coffees.

On tasting, one appreciates the aroma of a balanced, sweet coffee with the typical delicacy of a superior quality 100% Arabica coffee.

Caffè Tre Ceri pods contain 7 g / 0.25 oz of coffee from the 100% Arabica blend, packaged in packs of 100 pods each, individually sealed in a protective atmosphere to preserve the aroma and fragrance of freshly roasted coffee over time.

All Caffè Tre Ceri pods are ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods with a default size of 44 mm, compatible with any machine equipped with a pod system, and are made with compostable food-grade filter paper of English origin that allows the coffee to flow through naturally.

Thanks to the filter paper, which is certified compostable and gluten free, each pod can be disposed of in organic waste after use.

Caffè Tre Ceri also offers other single-serving solutions to prepare a perfect espresso quickly and easily. You can go to the Family section and choose compatible capsules with the Lavazza Fap Espresso Point® or A Modo Mio® method or capsules compatible with the Nespresso® method.


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ESE 44mm pods

Pieces per package:

100 Coffee pods

Unit weight:

7 g / 0.25 oz

Additional information

Weight 2,2 kg


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