Decaffeinated Pod 75 pcs.


The taste and aroma of the decaffeinated blend by Caffè Tre Ceri blend are not modified with the decaffeination process.

The enveloping fragrance, the syrupy texture and the taste, which is complete and smooth, are combined with the typical mildness of a good quality decaffeinated coffee.


Caffè Tre Ceri’s decaffeinated coffee pods contain 7 g / 0.25 oz of the Il BuonEspresso blend, a coffee which is so popular thanks to its extremely sweet taste with a mild acidity and an aroma with fine hints.

Our coffee pods are compatible with all coffee machines that use the pod system. They are user-friendly and consist of a perfect portion to brew a cup of espresso coffee.

The packaging consists of handy cartons of 75 pods each. Every pod is hermetically closed and sealed in a protective atmosphere; in this way, the aroma and freshness of just-roasted coffee is preserved.

Caffè Tre Ceri  are 44 mm ESE pods (Easy Serving Espresso), made with British food-grade filter paper and therefore easily disposable in organic waste, to reduce the impact on the environment.

Moreover, thanks to the particularity of the filter the coffee flows in a natural way.

Inaddition to decaffeinated pods, you can also enjoy Tre Ceri Coffee Pods with the Il BuonEspresso blend or the 100% Arabica.


Barcode 80 13700 00 008 1


ESE 44mm pod

Pieces per package:

75 decaffeinated pods

Unit weight:

7g / 0.25 oz

Net weight per package:

525 g / 17.64 oz

Additional information

Weight 1,80 kg


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