Decaffeinated compatibles Fap® capsules 25 pcs


Find out the goodness of the coffee contained inside the Fap® compatible capsules by Caffè Tre Ceri to enjoy the pleasure of a real espresso, but without caffeine.

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Decaffeinated compatibles Fap® capsules signed by Caffè Tre Ceri are perfect for those who want a light, caffeine-free coffee to enjoy as often as you wish, but don’t want to renounce on flavour.

On tasting, one immediately perceives its enveloping aroma, creamy texture, velvety body and full, that is no different from our traditional espresso.

Decaffeinated compatibles Fap® capsules by Caffè Tre Ceri are packaged in boxes of 25 capsules containing 6.5 g / 0.23 oz of coffee each.

The decision to seal each capsule into a protective atmosphere allows us to guarantee the goodness and aroma of freshly roasted coffee for long time. The decaffeinated capsules compatible with the Lavazza Fap® format by Caffè Tre Ceri are made from specific plastic materials suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Thanks to the quantity included in each capsule, a constant and homogeneous coffee brewing is ensured, so that at home you get an espresso as good as the one at the bar.

Enjoy your decaffeinated coffee in Fap® Espresso Point compatible capsules in the wonderful coffee cups designed by Caffè Tre Ceri.

You will also find your decaffeinated coffee ground for espresso machines or mocha, in beans or pods.

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Decaffeinated compatibles Fap® capsules

No. of pieces per pack

25 capsules

Unit weight:

6.5g / 0.23 oz

Net weight per pack

162.5 g / 5.73 oz

Lavazza Fap® Espresso Point is a third-part trademark with no connection to Caffè Tre Ceri.

Additional information

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