Decaffeinated Capsules for Nespresso® 25+2


During the decaffeination process both Il BuonEspresso taste and aroma don’t change.

The lightness typical of a good decaffeinated espresso is added to the enveloping aroma, syrupy body and full, smooth taste.

The final effect in the cup is a coffee rich in taste, well balanced and caffeine-free.


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Nespresso® Decaffeinated capsules by Caffè Tre Ceri  are packaged in handy 25 + 2 cartons containing 5 g / 0.18 oz of coffee each.

Each capsule is sealed in a self-protected atmosphere to guarantee the freshness and aroma of freshly roasted coffee for a long time.

The Nespresso® Decaffeinated compatible capsules by Caffè Tre Ceri are made of specific plastic materials suitable for contact with foodstuffs and are created in such a way as to guarantee an even and constant use of the coffee.

The taste and aroma of this deliciuos blend is not altered by the decaffeination process.

The enveloping aroma, the syrupy body and the full, smooth taste are complemented by the typical lightness of a good decaffeinated espresso.

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Barcode 80 13700 00 014 2


Nespresso® compatible capsule

No. of pieces per package

27 capsules

Unit weight

5 g / 0.18 oz

Net weight per package

135 g / 4.76 oz

Nespresso® is a trademark of a third party without any link to Caffè Tre Ceri


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