Decaffeinated Moka Coffee 250 g


Decaffeinated coffee blend is the one you should taste if you like to enjoy a really good cut of Italian coffee in the evening too!


Caffè Tre Ceri‘s decaffeinated ground coffee for the mocha is the right blend for those who want to enjoy a real, tasty and intense espresso but do not wish to consume caffeine.

The enveloping aroma combined with a syrupy body and a rich, smooth taste make it a pleasant break at any time of day. You may enjoy your favourite coffee even during evening.

Decaffeinated coffee blend for mocha is the result of the finest pure origins decaffeinated with skill and know-how. This is the way to enhance its delicacy without changing the taste.

The convenient 250 g / 8.8 2 oz vacuum packs are perfect for preserving all the richness and aroma of freshly roasted coffee over time.

If you love all the coffee rituality prepared with the tradtional coffee mocha, in this area you are going to find, always in the 250 g size, the traditional Moka Oro blend, with its great aroma. Furthermore you may find Moka Argento blend, to start the day full of energy.

Concluding, if  you have a home espresso coffee machine, our Espresso Bar blend, in the 500 g size, will win you over with its tasty creaminess.


Decaffeinated ground coffee for Moka

Unit weight:

250 g / 8.82 oz

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Weight 0,350 kg


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