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5 interesting facts about coffee that you might not yet know

Let’s discover together 5 interesting facts about coffee that you definitely didn’t know before today!

1. Milk coffee stays hot longer than black coffee

Funny isn’t it? It really is. Coffee with milk or cream stays hot for about 20% longer than black coffee.This process can be explained by the thermodynamic laws. The cooling rate of a hot object is directly related to the surrounding temperature. Therefore, the greater the temperature difference, the greater the cooling rate.
Thus, adding milk to coffee reduces the temperature difference between the hot drink and its surroundings, slowing thereby the cooling down. If you want to enjoy your coffee at leisure, we recommend adding a little milk to keep the drink hot for longer.

2. Coffee played an important role in the webcam development

Coffee boosts creativity and inventiveness. Consider that the first webcam was developed at the University of Cambridge to keep a close eye on the coffee machine itself. Students pointed a camera at the machine to always know if there was coffee available. We can therefore say that the webcam was created out of laziness, but also a little out of love for coffee.

3. Coffee does NOT dehydrate

This is an urban legend that is very difficult to eradicate.
While it is true that coffee has a diuretic effect, it is also true that it does not dehydrate. In fact, by drinking coffee, you do not lose more fluid than you intake. So, you can safely drink coffee without any worries!

4. The world’s longest-living cat also drank coffee

According to her owner, Creme Puff, the Guinness World Record cat who died at the age of 38, drank coffee every morning.
In addition to coffee, she fed herself eggs, bacon and broccoli. We do not know whether this strange diet contributed to her longevity, but what is certain and documented is that the previous record was held by Grandpa Rex Allen, also owned by the same human, who died at the age of 34 and was also a morning coffee lover. At this point, a word to the wise…

5. In the beginning there was beer

Breakfast today is definitely associated with coffee.
However, there was a time when in many parts of Europe the favourite drink to wake up to was not coffee but beer.
This unusual habit stemmed not so much from a love of beer as from health and hygiene reasons: at the time, water could be harmful.
Coffee and tea were luxury goods accessible mainly to the wealthy classes.
The poorer classes were left with beer, which was also consumed at breakfast: at the time, beer had a lower alcohol content than today, but was sufficient to eliminate germs and bacteria.
Did you already know these 5 interesting facts about coffee?

Enjoy your reading while enjoying a good espresso of course!