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How many ways can you order a coffee?

Have you ever thought how many ways you can order coffee at the café? It is easy to say: ‘one coffee’, less easy is to understand how many variations you can ask for it at the café.

There really are many, we have identified a few and in this short list we would like to reveal them to you.

A coffee means a regular espresso, the classic coffee known and appreciated all over the world.

A hot macchiato coffee means espresso with a dash of hot milk added.

A cold macchiato coffee as above, but with cold milk.

Cold/hot macchiato coffee with skimmed milk They understand and then they do.

A foamy coffee an original way of requesting a hot latte macchiato with whipped milk. A mini cappuccino, in short

A Moroccan coffee here things get a bit complicated, because there are different recipes for making it and different ways of calling it. Basically, it is a foamed coffee with cocoa powder added. The funny thing is that its genesis is actually in Piedmont, more precisely in Alessandria.

A decaffeinated coffee or deca, for those in a hurry. Suitable for those who love coffee but fear the effects of caffeine.

A coffee corretto in Northern Italy is a must at the end of a meal or after dinner. It is an espresso with a small addition of sambuca, grappa or other distillate.

A double coffee this easy! Two espresso coffees in one.

A long coffee this can be misleading. It is a single portion of coffee let go longer than usual.

Ristretto coffee is the opposite of a long coffee. The coffee is thicker and stronger.

An iced coffee is popular to combat the summer heat.

A coffee with cream if you are a gourmand, you have surely tasted it at least once.

A Salento coffee, or coffee with ice. Typical of the region of Puglia, it consists of dipping an ice cube into the cup of already sweetened coffee.

A coffee by the glass is any kind of coffee, as long as it is served in a glass cup.

If discovering how you can order coffee at the café has amazed you, know that there are also all the variations of the cappuccino, which are extremely imaginative and so many, maybe next time…