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Generation Z and coffee: how young people drink coffee

Coffee consumption evolution through the generations is a reflection of social changes.  It goes from traditional cups at the bar counter to whimsically decorated glasses.

However, one thing that has not changed over time: the love of coffee. It continues to be enjoyed in different ways and it is interesting to figure the report between generation z and coffee.

Who are the Generation Z kids?

Generation Z, is the generation made up of individuals born between 1995 and 2010 and under the age of 25. They represent a driving force in the world of family consumption. They are true digital natives, masters of social media such as Instagram and TikTok, and prefer to use  images to better communicate and draw inspiration for their choices.

Furthermore, Generation Z youth seek relational stability in real human relationships and are very interested in both social and environmental issues. Their attention to detail is also reflected in their conscious choice of the products they buy. Gen Z guys read labels and prefer to relate to companies that have values very similar to their own.  Less environmental waste and a strong social commitment are two important requirements.

Although they do not show particular brand loyalty, they recognise the fundamental importance of quality combined with the eco-social commitment of the various producing companies.

Generation Z and coffee: what choices?

It is interesting to discover how the majority of Generation Z people love to have coffee both at home and outside. Although it may seem unusual, the very young and young-at-heart love to wake up with the smell of the moka coffee machine wafting through the house, in the most classic of Italian awakenings.

Taste is the most important aspect when choosing coffee, followed by the energy it provides and the opportunity to take a relaxing break. It is usually consumed in the morning or afternoon in company.

Equally like their parents, Millennials, Generation Z also drink one or two coffees a day and purchase it in a grocery or on the producing companies e-commerce or on the most popular market places.

They are curious about the world of coffee, eager to discover every aspect of it: from production to preparation to the history of the drink itself.

‘Coffee to go’ trend, i.e. the take-away trend towards which Millennials in particular are directed, also affects the next generation thanks to the popularity gained from films, American TV series and inspirational social network posts.