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Coffee and summer heat: how to face summer with energy

If you are a true coffee lover, you are surely wondering whether it is possible to match coffee with the summer heat.

Those who love it will agree that it is always the proper time to enjoy a good cup of coffee. A cup of coffee just after awaking or after lunch is great during summer as well, when despite the high temperatures, we still crave that flavour and aroma who give us energy and vitality.

Until some years ago, a false myth was spread that caffeine contained within the coffee could be responsible, or at least contribute to, body dehydration. Therefore, many people, still have doubts whether this beverage can be consumed even in summer.

Last studies have proven scientifically that coffee and summer heat work very well together. In fact, the intake of caffeine is not only essential to fight the exhaustion typical of the period, mainly due to sweating that causes the loss of mineral salts, but is also perfect for combating low blood pressure.

The effects of caffeine in summer on the body

Besides boosting the body’s thermoregulatory effect, espresso coffee during summer heat has many other benefits.

Let us look at them in detail.

Coffee is a natural energy booster and helps to recover quickly from exhaustion, it also triggers brain activity, which may be overworked, like other organs, due to the strong heat.

But coffee helps even to rehydrate the saline minerals and fluids lost through sweating.

In conclusion, we have seen that coffee and summer heat go hand in hand. So it is not necessary to give up your daily espresso!

You can drink up to two and a half cups a day of caffeinated beverages without taking any risks.