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Tell me the coffee you drink and I’ll tell who you are

Let’s face it: coffee is our morning ally, our little excuse to socialize, recharge throughout the day, or the best end of the meal. Everyone loves to drink their favorite coffee in all possible variations: espresso, lungo, ristretto, americano, shaken and we could go on.

Just tell me the coffee you drink and I’ll tell who you are!

The type of coffee you request reveals your character. The way we drink it, enjoy it or buy it actually offers a certain image of us, so we can safely say that coffee is personality.

With this fun test we try to associate each type of coffee with a character. Are you more into classic coffee or cappuccino? Do you prefer espresso coffee or American coffee?

Let’s find out the various profiles according to research done by experts.

Espresso coffee

You know exactly what you want and are a tireless and serious worker.

Long coffee

You are sociable, open and companionable. You love to take your time.

Short coffee

You are punctual and precise and have no time to waste.

Double coffee

It is considered the choice of intellectuals and those with sophisticated tastes and a personality with great charm.

Large cup coffee

Usually eccentric and with a well-defined personality, those who like coffee in a large cup are destined for success!

Decaffeinated macchiato coffee

This is the choice of dreamers, those with their eyes on the sky and a somewhat shy and reserved personality.

Shaken coffee

You love to experiment and are creative and imaginative.


You have a sensitive soul.

Coffee with ice cream

You are an adventurous and spontaneous person with a cheerful and positive disposition.

What is the coffee do you usually drink?  Do you reflect yourself in these descriptions?