Crema Bar Coffee Beans 1000 g


A unique blend of the best Arabica selections grown in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

Crema Bar blend in beans is packaged in practical 1 Kg /35.27 oz packs, which guarantee excellent preservation and keep the taste and aroma of the blend unaltered.


Crema Bar blend is basically Caffè Tre Ceri flagship. A coffee blend on which all the efforts of research and development come to life to create a coffee of absolute excellence. Above all, it is extremely appreciated for its pleasantness and elegance.

Every single green coffee mono origin that flows into this coffee blend is chosen from the best existing in the market. They are tested before every purchase in order to keep the blend quality unchanged and even unaltered.

For each origin, our Roaster has written an ad hoc roasting recipe with study and experience. During the blend production he follows it step by step, separately roasting the green coffees and subsequently combining them to create the precious Crema Bar blend.

Its unique taste is sweet and delicate with a distinct acidity that melds with both floral and spicy notes. The aftertaste is persistent of bitter chocolate and roasted almonds.

Composed almost exclusively of coffee whose botanical origin can be traced back to the Arabica species, it is characterised by a low caffeine content, a peculiarity that contrasts the Arabica quality with the Robusta.

The result in the cup of the Crema Bar blend is a coffee for gourmets indeed it is perfect for those who like to savour a fine blend every day.


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Coffee Blend beans

Unit weight:

1 Kg / 35.27 oz

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Weight 1,8 kg


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