Crema Bar Coffee Beans 1000 g


Crema Bar blend in grains is stored in a easy-to-use 1 kg/35.27 oz packages, so as to guarantee an excellent level of preservation and to keep the taste and aroma blend intact.

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Crema Bar blend is appreciated for its creamy smoothness and excellent harmony between density and flavour, typical of the best Central American Arabian coffees selections.

The character is pleasently velvety. The unique taste is sweet and gentle with a remarkable acidity that blends with floral and citrus notes.

The aftertaste is of bitter chocolate and roasted almonds. The result in the cup is a coffee for gourmets, for those who like to enjoy a fine blend with a low caffeine content every day.

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Type: Blend beans
Unit weight: 1 Kg / 35.27 oz

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Weight 1,8 kg


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