Bar Coffee Beans 1000 g


Bar Coffee blend in grains is stored in a easy-to-use 1 kg/35.27 oz packages, so as to guarantee an excellent level of preservation and to keep the taste and aroma blend intact.


The 1000 g Bar Coffee Blend in beans is the coffee blend that over the years has found an ever-increasing acceptance among coffee lovers who seek the right balance of taste and aroma from their coffee.

The Miscela Bar is mainly used for the espresso coffee brewing. It is ideal for those who want a very strongly structured coffee that has as its main characteristic a cream with a dense hazelnut-coloured texture and dark streaks.

This blend is composed of an important percentage of coffee of Brazilian origin, the best ingredient for blending all the other components of the coffee. Colombia, another single origin used, makes it particularly dense with a slightly sour, slightly bitter and discreetly sweet taste. Finally, the presence of coffee from India gives it a spicy note.

For each botanical species used in the production of this blend, our Master Roaster, thanks to his deep knowledge, writes an ad hoc roasting recipe that he follows step by step, roasting the green coffees separately and then blending them later to create the fine Bar Blend.

The Miscela Bar coffee blend is perfect for enjoying a wonderfully fragrant and enveloping espresso with a medium caffeine content.

In this area you can find more of our other bean blends that will allow you to enjoy freshly roasted coffee.


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Bar Coffee Blend beans

Unit weight:

1 Kg / 35,27 oz

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Weight 1,8 kg


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