Special Coffee Beans 1000 g


Special Coffee in beans is stored in a easy-to-use 1 kg/35.27 oz packages, so as to guarantee an excellent level of preservation and to keep the taste and aroma blend intact.


Special Coffee Blend in beans is the best blend for super-automatic machines.

This is because after several tests and studies on raw materials we succeeded in finding the right recipe to ensure an excellent extraction performance.

Our coffee blend Special is popular with those who want to enjoy a well-structured coffee that has as its visual characteristic a mouth-watering thick-textured cream with an intense hazelnut colour.

Thanks to the exclusive recipe devised, with skill and wisdom, by our Master Roaster, each single origin is enhanced for its peculiar characteristic and gives the blend that added value for which it is so much chosen.

Special, in 2019, has been awarded by De Longhi as one of the best Italian coffee blends. This is an important endorsement that fils us with pride.

It is made up of an important percentage of Brazilian coffee used to give a sweet, slightly acidic taste and the right amount of body to the cup. The other origins belong to the botanical species Canephora, better known as Robusta, used to give great creaminess.

The fragrance is of toasted bread and the aromas are earthy with notes of dark cocoa.

Blend composed of a good percentage of robusta coffees that give to the coffee a medium to high caffeine content.


Barcode 80 13700 00 006 7


Special Coffee Blend in beans

Unit weight:

1 Kg / 35.27 oz


Additional information

Weight 1,8 kg


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