Fap®compatible capsules 100 pcs


Find out our delicious coffee in the capsules compatible with Lavazza’s Fap® Espresso Point system, one of the most popular capsule systems in the world.


Fap® compatible capsules are made with the Il BuonEspresso blend.

Compatible capsules of Caffè Tre Ceri are simple and intuitive to use. Simply insert them inside the coffee machine and, within a few seconds, you will obtain a tasty and fragrant espresso just like the one at the bar.

This coffee blend contained within has an important share of Arabica coffee from Brazil, which gives it sweetness and creaminess in the cup. The other single origins contained within, give it spicy hints of toasted bread and almonds with a light and pleasant fruity aftertaste.

The exclusive recipe created by our Mastro Torrefattore enhances the quality of each single origin used, making it an extremely popular coffee for those who want a smooth, non-bitter espresso with the right caffeine content.

In addition to Fap® Espresso Point compatible capsules, you can also enjoy decaffeinated coffee or capsules compatible with A Modo Mio® and Nespresso® machines.


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Fap® compatible capsules

No. of pieces per package

100 capsules

Unit weight:

6.5g / 0.23 oz

Net weight per pack

162.5 g / 5.73 oz

Lavazza Fap® Espresso Point® is a trademark of a third party without any link to Caffè Tre Ceri



Additional information

Weight 2,9 kg


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