Fap® compatible capsules 25 pcs


Il BuonEspresso is a mild, long-lasting and slightly acidic blend with an intense and full-bodied aroma typical of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee selections.

It is a coffee with a thick, syrupy character. The taste has scents of toasted bread and almonds together with a mild fruity aftertaste.

The final effect is a sweetish coffee, not too bitter and with the ideal caffeine content.

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Lavazza Fap® compatible capsules are chosen for the goodness of the coffee contained within them and, thanks to their practicality of use and the right amount of coffee contained within each capsule, they allow you to enjoy a creamy and enveloping espresso at home or in the office, just like the one at the bar.

Lavazza Fap Espresso Point® compatible capsules by Caffè Tre Ceri are packaged in pretty little cubes of 25 capsules each.

Each capsule is packaged in individually sealed sachets into a protective atmosphere; this allows us to guarantee our Customers to always have their coffee well preserved, leaving all its peculiarities intact.

The material used for the production of our compatible capsules is PVC, a plastic material suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Lavazza Fap Espresso Point® compatible capsules, you can also find them in the decaffeinated version, to enjoy your Caffè Tre Ceri even in the evening.


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Fap® compatible capsules

No. pieces per pack

25 capsules

Unit weight:

6.5g / 0.23 oz

Net weight per pack

162.5 g / 5.73 oz

Lavazza Fap® Espresso Point® compatible capsules are a third-party trademark with no connection to Caffè Tre Ceri


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