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Coffee as a remedy for spring tiredness

Spring, with all its amazing beauty and vibrancy, can also bring with it a sense of tiredness and fatigue.

Even after a long night’s sleep, you might not feel very energetic. This is certainly due to the constant changes in the weather, but also to an increased outdoor exposure. The body needs more energy to get used to these conditions, which in turn causes this fatigue.

Coffee as a remedy for spring tiredness

It is important to introduce what are known as ‘nerve foods’ into our daily diet. These are vegetable foods that help to increase general well-being and resistance to tiredness.

Where to find them?

In all red-coloured foods: strawberries, red fruits, tomatoes and beetroot. Rich in carotenoids, they are important for their antioxidant properties.

In dried fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals, they are a ready-made source of energy. The marriage of dried fruit and coffee can create wonderful flavours!

When we talk about coffee, we are talking about caffeine, a stimulant naturally found in coffee beans. Caffeine helps to increase quick thinking and concentration and, with regular consumption, it acts as a real tonic for the body, giving it more energy.

This is why drinking coffee every day is the best remedy against spring tiredness

If, therefore, in this season you too feel the need for an extra charge of energy and greater concentration, visit the Caffè Tre Ceri Shop and let us guide you in choosing the perfect blend for you!

You will see how coffee is the right remedy for spring tiredness