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Which Coffee Lover are you?

A quality coffee is said to be a real cure for worries and negative thoughts, and to make every break special.

According to the most recent surveys, around 64% of Italians identify coffee moments as an essential daily ritual.

For this reason, seven different categories of coffee lovers have been identified, which type are you?


Do you go into the café and strictly choose only black and hot, bitter and ristretto espresso? You are a coffee perfectionist. Coffee is a cult for you, inseparable from a constant quest for excellence.

Those who reflect themselves in this description do not just drink coffee, but let themselves be lulled by its aroma, admire its colour, inquire about the type of roasting and the origin of the beans. For them, there is no greater pleasure than this!


If you drink coffee just for the pleasure of it and do not read up on the characteristics and properties of the beverage, you belong to the category of gourmands.

You love coffee so much that the only important aspects for you are the taste and smell.

The habit-formers

Coffee as a simple habit. Habitual coffee drinkers consume the drink as a classic interlude in the day or as a worthy conclusion to a meal. In short, a worthy friend that accompanies your life.

Searching lost concentration

University students are among the serial coffee consumers! They are consumers who use coffee to recover from the lack of concentration and drowsiness caused by many hours spent on books. They consume coffee in any form: espresso, instant, mocha, to optimise their time they would even be able to make up for days old coffee still in the coffee pot.

Sugar-free coffee lovers

One is always a little surprised by those who prefer to enjoy their coffee without sugar. Perhaps they are seen as diet addict, instead they are a specific category that appreciates coffee in its authenticity, touching all the aromatic notes and nuances enclosed into a cup and often unknown to other consumers.

The one who instead drink sugar with coffee

They are at the antipodes of the previous Coffee Lovers. They only appreciate coffee if it is submerged in an avalanche of sugar. A sweet white mountain emerges from the brown liquid that can hardly absorb it. On their side is the desire to sweeten their already bitter lives…

The social

Here we come, finally, to the group of socials. The watchword of these Coffee Lovers is sharing. They see coffee not only as a necessity or a joy, but above all as an opportunity to be together with others.

Drinking a cup of espresso means spending precious moments with friends and family, and deepening human relationships. It is over coffee that one chats, lets off steam, confides secrets.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these Coffee Lovers?