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Glass coffee or coffee in the cup?

‎Due diverse correnti di pensiero hanno dato origine a una “controversia ancestrale”. Quindi quali sono le differenze? E come rispondiamo loro? Scopriamolo insieme!‎

Why you should enjoy coffee in a porcelain cup

Espresso coffee is traditionally served in a porcelain cup. These cups have been conceived and produced specifically for coffee. The choice to use this material comes from its resistance and ability to be neutral to alkaline and acidulous solutions. Furthermore, porcelain has a standard response to temperature changes and maintains the coffee’s heat for longer, allowing it to be enjoyed while sipping slowly.

Every coffee has its own cup. For instance, espresso coffee should be thicker so that the temperature of the coffee is maintained for as long as possible, while the opening should be smaller so that the coffee cream remains longer.

For cappuccino, you need a particularly thick cup with an elliptical bottom. The mouth, of the right width, should have a fairly thin rim to convey the idea of elegance.

Glass coffee

Glass coffee is a new trend that is gaining ground in our country.

The eye wants its part too, so if you like to experience coffee first with your eyes, appreciating its nuances, and then with your taste buds, the glass cup is right for you!

Through the glass’s transparency, the elegance of the coffee’s hazelnut shades are immediately enhanced.

The downside of this solution is the low thermal insulation of the glass and therefore a shorter time before the coffee cools down.

To conclude, there is no one clear solution to the initial question whether it is better to have a glass coffee or in the cup, it all depends on personal taste and what you want from your coffee. The fundamental and essential aspect is always the quality of the coffee served and its extraction.