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How many coffee can you drink during summer?

The heat is starting to make itself felt. How to deal with it? A true coffee lover knows: with coffee.

But how many coffee can you drink during summer?

Thanks to its versatility, coffee can be prepared in many ways and thus combine the pleasure of a good cup of coffee with the need to drink something cool to beat the sultriness and high temperatures.

According to studies carried in the early 2000s, caffeine taken in high doses had a diuretic effect on the body and could therefore be the cause of dehydration.

But research done in later years has contradicted earlier studies and it is now more clear that there is no connection between caffeine (either from coffee or from other drinks) and dehydration.

Consequently, consuming caffeine in moderate quantities (about 400 g per day, which corresponds to 4-5 cups) is risk-free. On the other hand, it was found that the stopping of coffee intake in habitual coffee drinkers leads to negative effects in terms of concentration and sports performance.

So, if the summer heat exhausts you and makes you crave something fresh and aromatic, coffee is the right choice.

Is it better hot or cold?

Despite what one might believe, it would be preferable to choose the classic hot espresso to counter the high temperatures.

In fact, cold or even iced drinks provide momentary relief that disappears a few moments later. This also applies to cold coffee.

However, hot espresso has a thermo-regulatory effect, helping to better manage internal temperature through sweating. In addition, it helps to recover from tiredness, replenishes mineral salts and is an excellent remedy against low blood pressure.

If you are, in any case, a fan of iced coffee, we give you some ideas on how to enjoy it best.

Coffee shaken with ice

The most classic version, easy to prepare and stored in the fridge to be enjoyed when trying to combine aroma and freshness.

From Valencia the Café del tiempo

So called because it dates back to the 19th century. It is prepared with an espresso, ice and a slice of lemon or orange.

From Australia comes iced coffee

It is actually coffee-flavoured milk served with ice, whipped cream and ice cream.

From our beautiful Sicily the famous coffee granita

Famous, fresh and delicious, it can be enjoyed plain or accompanied by whipped cream and brioche.

In conclusion, sitting by the sea, or in the cool of the mountains, but also simply at home, even in the heat enjoy your Caffè Tre Ceri.