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How to prepare coffee with a mocha pot

A ritual for many of us. The gurgling of the mocha pot is synonymous with the good smells that waft through the house and give the whole family a good morning.

Preparing coffee with the mocha correctly sounds simple, but it is not. Continue reading to learn how to prepare coffee without mistakes.

Cleaning the moka pot

The first step is to have a perfectly clean moka pot. Here opens the eternal debate that divides coffee experts into two schools of thought. There are those who maintain that it should not be washed with detergents in order to preserve the aroma of the coffee it contains and those who instead believe that only correct and careful hygiene enhances the flavour of the blend.

To clariify, we can safely say that the mocha pot should be washed daily to avoid the formation of mould and limescale and to transmit negative odours into the cup.

How to prepare coffee with a mocha pot

The water to be used to make perfect coffee with the moka pot should be low-mineral or filtered, and at room temperature, so as not to leave too much residue in the coffee pot and not to influence the taste of the drink.

Fill the boiler up to the lower level of the valve. This level must never be exceeded, as it serves to let the steam escape.

Now fill the filter up to the rim, avoiding the mound for better coffee extraction. For a moka pot for 3 people, you should consider about 15 g of coffee per 150 ml of water. If you increase the amount of powder, some of the soluble compounds, the more bitter and less pleasant ones, will end up in the cup.

Once the pot has been screwed on, place the coffee pot on the stove with a low flame and turn it off before it bubbles to avoid bringing bitter notes into the cup.

Serve the coffee after stirring to balance the different extracting parts of the coffee and give a more homogeneous taste.

Which coffee?

Which coffee to use depends on one’s personal taste. Arabica quality is perfect for those looking for a coffee with a smooth, sweet taste and a light, aromatic texture, while Robusta is chosen by those who want a full-bodied coffee with chocolate notes and a higher concentration of caffeine.

To appreciate your cup of coffee in all its naturalness, we recommend enjoying it without sugar.