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How to lose weight with coffee

Is it really possible to lose weight with coffee?

There is a lot of discussion about the benefits of caffeine on metabolism.

Actually, recent studies have confirmed that drinking a cup of coffee a day without sugar provides only 3 calories and is a powerful fat burner.

The consumption of caffeine after a meal helps to burn off lipids. It drags fat out of the cells, allowing us to eliminate it through our daily activities. Practically it acts as ‘fuel’!

Of course, drinking coffee is not enough to lose weight. It is necessary to combine a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet in order to reap the full benefits of our favourite drink.

In addition, coffee also has a substance that blocks hunger pangs. So it really is a good ally for those who want to lose weight.

Coffee and beauty

Caffeine has also been used in many beauty creams, but if you are a natural product lover, coffee is also an excellent choice here.

With coffee grounds, a little brown sugar and coconut oil, you can create a cream and use it for an anti-cellulite scrub. And for the skin on the face? Again using coffee grounds, mixed with coconut oil and honey, you can make a cream that restores radiance and beauty to your facial skin.

Coffee and sport

Drinking coffee before a workout gives you more energy, makes you less tired and allows you to work out for longer.

When drunk after sport, coffee helps you to reintegrate minerals and get your strength back more quickly.

So, it is possible to lose weight with coffee if you put it in the right context.