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Glimpse the new coffee trends

Coffee has evolved from a simple morning boost into a drink to be enjoyed throughout the day and coffee consumers are turning into connoisseurs.

In this paragraph, we’re going to discuss how habits have changed and what will be the new coffee trends. From slow and mindful consumption to the Third Wave of coffee that has reached Italy from the USA.

Mindful consumption

Coffee lovers are paying more and more attention to the quality of the coffee they drink. In particular, they read up on the origin of the blends, the preparation and conditions of cultivation, production, and the ethics in the distribution of revenues among all parties involved.

In addition, there is a careful search for the most exclusive, special and characteristic blends, which is why coffee bars and coffee professionals in general have started to diversify and expand their offerings.

Slow consumption

The coffee bar is the place to have an espresso and go, a pit-stop from daily activities. However, over the years, this trend is changing. Cafè has returned to be a meeting place, where one can spend pleasant moments of relaxation.

Fleeting consumption at the bar desk is being replaced by service at the table. There customers engage in pleasant conversations, linger to read the newspaper or take time out from the daily hustle and bustle.

Therefore baristas with an eye on their customers needs, choose top-quality coffees and take care of the details, the presentation and expanding the offering.

Third Wave

Third Wave, is a concept which intend to describe how coffee was experienced in a given historical period. It was Trish Rothgeb who gave it this name in 2003. The idea is that each wave builds on and reacts to the last.

The first wave takes us back to the 1960s. Coffee became accessible to everyone and its consumption grew exponentially, it entered homes and became the pleasant routine we still know today.

In the second wave, coffee becomes a trend. Coffee origins become more widely knows. Chains invest in an informed consumer, but they still to continue focusing on the consumption experience as an end in itself rather than on attention to the raw material used and the importance of drinking a good, pure coffee.

This brings us to the third wave: which has revolutionised the way of experiencing coffee, not only for consumers, but also for the entire coffee chain.

In this wave, there is an increase in the quality of coffee, there is an emphasis on direct trade, companies investing in sustainability, there is a greater respect for the raw material and, finally, innovative extraction methods have emerged.

Alongside the moment of tasting, the one therefore connected to consumption, there is a story whose protagonists are the producers, importers, roasters and baristas, to explain to the end consumer why one coffee is special compared to another, making them aware of the journey behind a cup of coffee.