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Espresso bar ground coffee is an elegant blend designed for those who want to enjoy a good, creamy espresso coffee at home.

This blend stands out and is in great demand for its balanced and enveloping flavour with a low caffeine content that makes it excellent in the morning for a sweet awakening, for a break from daily activities or for an after dinner drink.

The excellent selections of Arabica coffees from the best Central American coffee farms give this coffee blend a smooth and rather fragrant profile. On tasting, one immediately appreciates the delicious cocoa nuances and fresh orange peel notes. The percentage of Robusta coffee from Africa and India gives it more character.

The ground Espresso Bar blend by Caffè Tre Ceri is compatible with the largest home espresso machines. Packs are 500 g/17.64 oz and are vacuum-packed to maintain the freshness and symphony of aromas of freshly ground coffee.

In this section you can also order the Moka Oro blend, the blend of tradition with its classic and sweet taste, or the Moka Argento blend, characterised by a good percentage of Robusta coffee is the perfect refill when you need more energy.


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Espresso bar ground coffee

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500 gr / 17.64 oz


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