Tea and infusion

Twinings tea and infusion for your relaxing moments.

As with coffee, we always choose the highest quality of raw materials, even for teas and infusions we have turned to the excellence of Twinings. Caffè Tre Ceri, in fact, wishes to offer its customers a constantly developing choice of the finest aromas and most authentic blends.

From the classic English Breakfast and Earl Grey to the most advanced blends developed constantly by the Master Blenders. Their blends are the result of tasting over 3000 cups of tea!

Each tea and infusion is guaranteed 100% natural, because Twinings, like Caffè Tre Ceri, is very careful about the environment and sustainability.

Raw materials are selected and sourced only from plantations that respect the environment and workers.

This careful selection of an incredible variety of fruits, herbs and spices from all over the world, combined with the company’s centuries experience in the art of blending, is the basis for the creation of the Twinings Infusion ranges.

The flavours of their teas and infusions meet the most classic ingredients. This satisfies those who are looking for a special pleasure break to escape from their daily routine.

You may buy them directly from our shop online or coming to our point in Gubbio!